Seoul Summer Nights

This trip is supposed to feel dreamlike, somehow I felt la douleur exquise. Even if there are tons of K-dramas happening, mom and pops would still consider what I would call the longest civil war.

I felt that I was granted the Korean visa due to my ADB. I’m sure lots of blogs have already covered topics like this. I’d gladly answer questions about it especially to those who are going this year. If you people have no questions yet, I’d place my realizations out here.

  • 8:30 AM is the visa processing but you can get a queue number at 8 AM.
  • the officer checks the passport and your existing visas in case you have a valid and is allowable for entry in South Korea
  • note that this is South Korea, Republic of Korea 🙂
  • I got a single entry with a period of 59 days.
  • I assume their max days of stay is 999 because of  the number of slots for DAYS.
  • Like most of the bloggers I placed NA on every blank I do not know the answer to.
  • The releasing of visa was quick.
  • It is really important to have your Average Deposit Balance not too far from your latest bank balance.
  • No need to be smiley smiley in front of the consul. I just passed my documents and she was nodding to all the requirements. There was no chat. There’s no need to organize the docs in a sequence also 🙂
  • If your Certificate of Employment is missing a point person of contact, make sure that in some part of the letterhead or along the description, the company can be easily contacted. (phone number of the main and other offices, website, address)
  • Overheard: Even if the student has already been enrolled on a university or an exchange student, they still consider the financial support.
  • Bio data information is the same for all forms/docs; address on the IDs presented should be the same in the application form.
  • Glue is available and application forms you can fill out on the spot (if you are that confident)
  • I had an assistance with accomplishing the visa application form but I recalled checking No for me assuming I can avoid questions about the person I got the advice from.

From Airport to First Guesthouse

I had no advanced bookings (flashpacker right?). I relied on my confidence of knowing basic Korean. Incheon airport is very clean and the whole entry point is an island.


I flew with AirAsia and found my college friend with her mum. Yay! I was thinking of going with them but I might come as one taking advantage of the situation 😐 They were handing two papers to fill in while in the plane. And because maybe they do not understand Hangeul, they weren’t able to give us the yellow paper (for checking prior sicknesses). Apparently, they were sensitive about the word cough I wrote which I had 2 weeks ago. I needed to tell them that I’m no longer sick. I went down to find a wifi egg (it’s a practical thing to do because they also provide the charger, South Korea is using a different electrical socket) and T-Money card. I was exploring the place and felt stupid repeatedly asking the officer (boy, the guys look soo handsome). The information desk was right in front of my face. I spent the time looking for a place to stay but decided to go outside so that maybe I can figure out how to go to Seoul. I’m not sure if I saw Jungkook from Running Man casually walking along the buses going to any point in Seoul. My friend messaged me that she went ahead with her mum and sister to Myeongdong. I decided to go ride the bus going to SNU. I used my T card for the first time.




The bus seats are packed with Lotte coupons. As if I’m going to buy these stuff, too expensive, I kept these coupons in case my friend wants to use them.


This is not Seoul National University. I passed SNU and thought there is another bus stop nearer. I went beyond and let go of the thought. I trusted myself with directions, the goal is to come closer to Seoul.


The trip was two months ago and I was looking for the name of the bus stop. I went from Bucheon, to Bongcheon (the story we all know about he he) and retrieving from the old posts it was Balsan station. Thanks to the old post tagged at NC백화점 강서점:




I looked for a place to eat, preferably with rice but what am I doing at a Noraebang lure.





Ordering was easy but they asked if I want an additional order, and that part was my first difficulty understanding them speak.


The lady thought I was Chinese. You can’t pretend not to know how they see other people. I might be under fire, so I quickly replied, Pillipin-saram.


That was a heavy meal. But let me grab a drink somewhere else.


The commemorative photo to announce that hey guys I’m here. So it’s booking time and catch up with friends.

I went to shop to think about clothes I need to wear on my next days.


Shoopen looks like a cafe with these suspended letterless books.


I was looking for a seat to settle my heavy backpacks (because I bought another, for easy snack and gadget grabs).



I can’t recall where this was taken. The nearest possible is in 성내동.

First cheap accomodation is in Hongdae! The last minute booking is crazily cheap! But looking for it cost my legs sore to the fourth power.


The place is ultra af.



It’s cheap for a twin bed room 🙂 My lock is always alarming because I do not know how to use it! Oh me… lucky to be across some Thai girls who taught me how to input the password.


This housestay became my standard, free wifi, airconditioned room, soap and shampoo conditioners + bathroom slippers. This booking is… score!

I never knew house guest hopping felt soo good.


Room deets:

Hongdae Housetay Guesthouse 3 

170-22 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea 121-200
동교동 170-22, 마포구, 홍대, 서울, 대한민국 121-200

Reservations: 1 Room, 1 Night
Check in: June 11, 2017 (after 03:00 PM)
Check out: June 12, 2017 (before 11:00 AM)
Economy Twin Room with Shared Bathroom PHP 1,056.45
Occupancy: 2 Adults
Breakfast: Not Included
Promotion: Last Minute Special. Rate includes 10% discount!


Munchies to wait for the chicken
And when the chicken and the fries arrived… I suddenly felt bloated.
It’s getting late.

So I did not eat rice because it was pricey from the lunch house I went to. There was no rice option I can spot so I ended up in a chicken bang! Highly recommended because of the cute oppas everywhere, street performances at sight, the chicken is jjang, but the playlist is jal nasseo jeongmal jal nasseo jeongmal XD (really something!)



Hope to see these scooters casually sitting somewhere in Europe someday 🙂



I took the garlic chicken home for my breakfast.


It’s honest to savage, this minute-walk park is the last part of my stay in Hongdae.


A dose of cold chill as an alternative to coffee to wake you up. So let’s go!

Till the Myeongdong post 🙂


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