Lubao Air

Smart floater
Smart floater roaming the field before 5AM

Obviously haven’t invested in a good night photography camera yet but hoorah! My old phone is back, my Instagram buddy! Ni hao, Lubao!

online payment will cost me 50 pez, might as well use that for a ride to the mall and back
areas for the Gold ticket goers, general admission, and the VIP area to ride a hot air balloon
inflated gas bottles and beer bottles around the concert area
First to take off, the provincial balloon.

Fortunately, the square holes are wide, we get to extend our cameras. For a price of 1500 you get to ride the balloon up and down. This is also helping the irregularly shaped balloons pump air into some of its narrow parts.

Too bad I was not able to show her tentacles.

It’s not much of a joy since the balloons are too far far away from my sight. About 20 of them are carried each by a pick up truck by a pick up truck club based in Angeles, Pampanga 😛

Please do not look at me regretfully.

Some are local brands and some are tourism representatives from different countries.

No sunlight yet to burn this heart. 😛
The chicken’s facing the mountains.

Looks like they will allow small tents. We only have our bags for pillows and Egg’s scarf. There are monoblock chairs around so it would not be a trouble sitting on the grass.

They would not let the coyote face us!

Actually, it’s not a coyote: Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken’s mascot.

Closest I can get to the basket 😐


mountain range
Ah this was the time I noticed the beautiful mountain range.
Still many people arriving to wait for the other balloons to land maybe?
red horse and the sky lol
Ocean deep sky. #blessed #lol

Till the next flight! Video soon. X


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