**This post contains medium rare satire. Read at your surly heart risk.**

Egg is craving for some barbecue feast before we join the crowd of the UP Fair. We agreed to eat and see for ourselves these food parks, pride of the north. College feels like open mic for your world-saving confessions and lotsa healthy snacking.

I introduce you my friends of convenience, Chicken and Egg patiently waiting for the Korean food, pride of Korea. At 도시락 which means lunch box and pronounced as doshirak, we’re given seven spices. You’ll rarely find 한국 식당 minding your spice business around Manila.

We went next to The Icecreamist where the ice cream is misting. Mystic! No, they closed early 😐 As a band aid for the lost opportunity joining the mosh pit for Never The Strangers, we sat at this round deck to pull ourselves together. Nobody made an effort to reserve a ticket and what made us think we’re the children of God that we’d score walk-in tickets? We’re definitely gods of our own world. Rock and roll!


Okay, enough sulking. Here’s a missed announcement that could have been saved by the date. Lemme know if this is still standing.


We sorted our friendship out and went to another park to eat dessert. The classic roulette to help you on your life decisions.


Like many groups, we were finding our own identity. Eureka! What about the Malacañang pose? We deeply apologize for not perfecting our own craft! Craft this sheep!

Let’s solve this mysteria! 1 tolerable shyness 2 deep contemplation 3 resigned to scientific thoughts 4 steady self to keep track of reality. Looks like chicken approved of Egg’s demonstration.


No more time for cleaning up, my savage contribution to Criminal Case stages. Thanks to Egg for showing us cleanliness. Godlike indeed.

Cool tansan (bottlecaps) we failed to smuggle.

An advanced thank you bow for tolerating this post so far. We haven’t started actually. More tryptichs to come!

Eye treat:

We did not plug in any to tell you guys you can recharge your gadgets here. Save electricity!


Oreo churro glazed with caramel soup we got from the other group! Yey! First steal by Chicken. Congratulations again, Chicken!

I feel love~

Tenderness, where is it?

I’m showing you my trophylings:

Pretzel magical plunge on vanilla ice cream and cookie dough for an indestructible foundation. What an empire Elsa!


Churros of joy demonstrated by yours truly,

Classic churro confident under scrutiny.


Chicken getting emotional on reaping her rewards.

black sugar menu
Funnel Cakes: Toffee Banofee . Apple Pie Funnel Cake . Oreo Popcorn . Peanut Butter & Jelly . Bacon Maple . Classic Funnel Cake . Very Merry Unbirthday . Churros : Ala Mode : Oreo . Reese’s . Classic 2pc : Chocolate dip . Caramel dip . Peanut butter dip . Sundaes : Wonderfilled . Vanilla Berry . Frozen S’mores . Hot Potato . Mc Queen . La Rocca . Pop Tart . Ice Cream Soda : Raspberry Bomb . Strawberry Lemonade . Orange Creamsicle . Green Apple . Frozen Hot Chocolate

So where to next?

Our pre-gaming:

Sleepy but not needing my mama/teddy bear yet.


150 food park seduced us with its Asianovela theme. The crowd’s still going, it’s Friday, after Valentine’s, after payday. So…

Wine or beer spots brought to you by:


Nah… the deck’s full of babies. Not for very long, we walked past then went back and stopped at Ogre’s Kitchen. Patriotic souls jamming. They sell and showcase art and poetry.

Chicken and egg looked at the dimly lit phone. Beers, eucalyptic iced tea, and mojos to tend our bitterness missing Never The Strangers. We could have been drop dead perspiring and cheering at the mosh pit. We could have danced and lost our souls inch by inch. We were close to it!

What wrapped our walwal (team building) was the bayanihan the jammers have shown us. Though they failed at our request for Moving Closer by Never The Strangers. We we’re also given a chilly air by Pugad Lawin. #thanksmuch

OK will always be our home away from home…


No one wants to host us at this time. What a shame.



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