Chinatown NE4

Not one for the books, the following is Chinese history overseas experienced, oh how influence can only go too far.


I’m fascinated with thin blocks and hope to walk in other cities whether cramped, concrete, or back of the stores. Did you spot that signed casting over at the middle?


Caught a window open in these dollhouses only to find another classic crib fence. Wonder what’s inside…


Not sure if there’s another rail because of the flight of stairs we passed by. Now I’m dealing with headache for not being able to include these Chinese-named stores for my blog tags. 😐 Souvenirs are all over the storefronts, but this is not the practical place to buy in bulk.

With this online Chinese to English Dictionary, I was able to trace 蛙!功夫 炭烧牛蛙 along with Google Translate to help me name the photo. I was able to appreciate the squatting or stretching frog mascot. XD. I had to write it on paper but had to alt+tab anyway to the photo below:


First win for clickbait is uncle in blue and green stripes! Also the picture to celebrate the touchdown moment. XD


I should get an acupuncture soon. On to increasing foot prints…


Yeah, SG loves us too 🙂


Welcome to my friend’s souvenir shop! Jk

Not bad for a camera for clear decent shot! I wonder how adding lens support is done for my neuralyzer.


As this post ends, I realized we were heading to the heritage center. Writing for a travel three months ago. I lost focus on completing my first international trip journey 😐


Xiexie! (teeth together as if to brush your teeth, say ‘shiishyuh’)


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