Spicy Maki

This weekend sushi apprentice noticed some cooking shows not including cling wrap before placing the seaweed paper when rolling their maki. It did not serve me right because I wasn’t able to hold the plastic on the sides of the bamboo rolling mat. It kind of automatically sealed the roll ready to be sold on the market. 😛


Make a seaweed border and flatten the rice. I prepared chunks of cheese and the the crunchy part of cucumber slices. I was thinking of preparing Spam or leaving these as is. Luckily there’s a canned tuna omelette laying around.


The spice level is determined by the redness, in this case, it’s orange. It’s not yummy, might want to cook buffalo wings to pair with it.


I bought a lot of instant Korean noodles last year, and this is the longest surviving one, it is expired and gave me an upset stomach. The remaining sauce was used. I added two eggs to make it more condensed.


I just felt that I was using quickmelt cheese. You cannot apply much pressure as you roll because the roll is open on both sides.


I had to use the chef’s knife because the roll has too much air in it. Say, it’s not intact but good enough. I was able to make three rolls!

It definitely delivered a one second spice and a lasting creamy cheese. To relieve the slight injury on your palate, you’ll need a minute and have a go one more time. Chow!






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