Out the Gardens

Frustrating how this part of my travel experience cannot be fully shared on my photos. Blurry and snowy… that is for not investing on a DSLR! I might have to scour the internet for the best camera for night photography. But then I’d have to bring it everywhere. Time for some gym and money action. Ugh, the crowd looks so lovely at night!


That has to be the decent picture I have taken.


Milk foodtruck! Now I’m craving for some ice cream.


Wonder how much time you can leave your children here. Kidding.


In between these tall trees. Happy to capture a clearer view of the Christmas balls.



This Christmas tree park is full of lovers, friends, and strangers.


I recall my excitement on seeing this giant son afloat.


I wonder if it is the Noel. 🙂


An arch to end your walking misery. Well no, not yet. Hang in there sorey muscles!


Woah, a special accessibility sign for the fruit, Durian 🙂

Okay… and an abuse of power for capturing metrosexuals. Hehe


Alright, it’s dinner time!

Next: Comfort food


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