Off to the Lucky Place

That screen showing a romantic comedy is Asia in the 90s nostalgia. : ))) After a full restore of energy, this lady in black is out to babysit her tourist friend. Would be happier to see aunties and uncles living their lives in this Senior Citizens’ Corner.


Oh look, fuschia and teal themed ceremony preparation.


A need for visor or sunnies under this 180- degree tent. Perfect stop for football practice. Assumed that that is a sand volleyball court but another one for football. And yup, a medium sized open basketball court.


This park speaks science to me. The obstacle looks exciting, for a minute I wished I shrunk into my nursery height.


More equipment for leg exercise. I cycled a bit and broke a sweat, because, well… the sun is hot already.


And another admiration for the urbanscape. This school’s rotating gate is enough for crowd controlling.


By the ceiling’s patterns you can guess, we’re already in the Chinatown station.


Japanese stores in Chinatown.


Greenhills feel on this 360 view:


Next: What is the difference between Chinatowns overseas and China?


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