Ion in the Lion

Not too far from the Orchard MRT station, the Ayala version of Singapore, where high end malls and some old and trusty but not rusty are vertically piled up.


Might be a Chinese Palace turned to a shopping mall.


Elaborate designs to keep the street tight. Haha, no. It’s Christmas and trumpets fill this festive night air.


We went to the Lucky Plaza for cheaper options. I featured another baby girl!


Funny how the sign has a correct grammar but is kind of a broken Tagalog. Masarap ang lasa, Tuloy Po Kayo (The taste is yummy, Welcome)

Since my mother don’t cook meals based on pork often, I always opt to eat them pork bellies when out on a trip! Sisig and Sinigang.

Rarely capture myself with Korean pop idol standees. Hello Sehun-ah!


Next time, you might want to grab any leaflet for your future shopping needs 😐



We munched on these buns before we go to sleep.


Next: Another Lucky place.


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