Under the Supertrees


Entrance to the Supertree Grove is guarded by two stone lions. For the sake of adding breadth on this article full of pictures, I searched the differences in lion sculptures and have found out that, these are imperial guardians. Not sure why West call them foo dogs. I prefer calling them the longer name. Or Shi, in Chinese, meaning lion. Chinese and Sanskrit may have something common after all. (In case you do not know, singa means lion.)

Hey there canvas Herschel kind of bag.

Early in the noon the Christmas lights are already lit.


Please don’t hesitate to smile at the camera mister. Looks like its tiring carrying a stuffed Mickey, behold, the baby on the pram!


Cottages and booths setup for the Christmas season. Everyone’s here! Here we go surrounded by the lights in the arches and a couple of people still looking at my camera piece weirdly.

Passed by one of the top bars in SG. Pass on the drinks 😛


My design winner! Oh how hard it is not to look inside and check the local items.



Cottage for desserts and blends.

strike a pose!

A charge to go up and stay on that bridge for a closer look of the leafless branches of the supertrees. Another featured baby and her daddy probably hungrier than she was.


This picnic circle is too much for my people watching needs.


These food booths deliver a cheaper option. But then I’d have to pass on the food trip because it’s insanely expensive for a snack!


A piece of the wizarding world. They serve ice blend in between vanilla on root beer and freak shakes. I’ve spotted another curious winner!


The only food we ate at the fair. A snack-you-can-do like Cerealicious. Lava cake base, colored marshmallows for smores, chocolate chip cookies and bubblegum ice cream.


Around dawn, the park announcer introduced carolers to keep our ears occupied for the rest of the evening. I did not pay attention to that life cycle printed 😦


To close the issue from the previous story, it’s in their visiting guidelines that biking is not allowed around the grove area.

Next: Out the Gardens


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