Gardens By The Bay

No, you will never be lost on your way to the main gardens in Singapore. The Bayfront station tunnel invites you to a meaningful walk!


Aand, we’re up on the ground again. Rest anywhere you want. But for a first timer, keep walking.

everything’s lush
it’s hot and probably 15 30

This is the place I’m having a hard time finding the name of. I’ve Googled shade near the Gardens By The Bay. My biggest clue. This cove looks good for an afternoon concert.

hot in and out

More paths to walk to! Now aren’t I being patient here.

chasing pavements

And we’re here! I can’t recall if the silver statues are butterflies. 😐


Lake deck for people taking photos and another resting area. No one’s sitting on the ledge even if their feet will not soak on the freshwater.


Always a fave pastime is to people watch. Virtually.


Stepping out and seeing people infected with chokers, leather mini backpacks, and twinning. #friendshipgoals #siblinggoals. This may be where people park their bikes and stroll the whole of the park. We’ll see in the next the photos… because it’s going to be a pain walking back.

Where do I get that bag? Could be an Instagram brand.

I’ve mentioned earlier in my article how I’ve noticed that places here are color coded. Gardens By The Bay gets the purple palette.


If I were alone I’d be a sheep following the herd. Maybe that’s the way up to the Sky Gardens. Those street signs help me map the names of places to my photos. How hour-draining studying all of these snaps. Nevertheless, I enjoy every bit of blogging!


Once you’ve navigated a place, you will no longer need to study the map. I did not, so I conceded to my friends’ familiarity of the place.

yes, he’s taking a selfie

Spotted another bag envy. Wonder if this caution tape is for dividing people coming and going or some slipping accident to avoid.

Are you looking for love?

It seems that the ends of the bridge has this caution tape. I was right that this is a crowd controller. Many babies approaching 🙂


intersection to the Christmas-themed park and the Gardens

Events and places directory intersection:

The Malay Garden is made of takeaways from the sea. Rock formations and flowing waters.




The signal is strong. Just a selfie bridge.

This is the garden where all the cultures meet (lion, elephant, and the camel). Somehow a friendship garden to me. That couple saw me again and this time smiled for the camera.


Dopamine on the walls and probably a harvest clock. I haven’t checked if it’s the same time with my watch.


Looking tired and alright!

I wasn’t able to digest the perks typewritten in the ticket. 😐


Next: Supertrees!


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