Window Shopping Challenge

My SG friends calmly trace the shortest way to the Gardens. We passed by the CityLink Mall. While I’m collating and recalling the name of the places now, I missed one of the grandest malls in SG, the Esplanade Mall.


This place is not crowded just like any other business parks. We entered this gallery because they thought this is where we take a lift to the Gardens.


I passed on watching musicals. Pile that in on my going back to SG bucket list instead.


There are people dancing, or was it zumba? Interestingly, at their backside, for a few minutes, we watched this couple rollerskating. Notice the colored plastic cups or cones forming two lanes. They were pulling tricks and my favorite is both of them extending one leg sitting, holding hands as they slide. Sweet rollers!


Can’t compare HK and SG. It will be a long shot to go to Hongkong this year due to a scheduled international travel I’m saving money for. Beyond paved roads, are definitely more roads. Fortunately, I decided to settle with feasting my eyes on these stores.



Day breaks into night dear shoppers. Let’s continue walking.

Next: Gaaardensss


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