The Metropolis Marker

Not an intention to make the title give a historic tone but it’s just walk and some more getting to know the people and the place.

Rest of strips of The Shoppes before we take the heat:


I might need a camera to capture the night lights at the Helix Bridge.


We stopped by to get the easy- melt ice cream sandwich. It’s chilly and the strawberry isn’t too sweet. Yum!


We hear kids and teenagers singing and thought there might be a show, turns out they were only practicing songs in Pitch Perfect style. Many high-end restaurants can be found near the Esplanade outdoor stage.


Tourists and locals fill the Merlion Park. The Esplanade bridge opposite the highway with pink railings and bougainvilleas just made the view more remarkable. The stalls look compact and portable.


We rested on the stairs for a bit. We were waiting for the showgirls and the band to start performing. Well no, they were an added attraction in the park. Then I saw this baby!
This chinky-eyed baby knew he’s being called. Wasn’t so hard to get the attention of this cute little boy. Can’t get enough of the times we had. LOL


Babies know how to spot the camera too! He can’t smile because it’s too bright outdoors! I got closer to him and maybe he’s wondering what important thing I’m going to tell him. Funny how I seem to be familiar to him. He is giving me this face that he might have seen me somewhere. His other hand slipped out of his daddy’s arms, already following my gaze. He’s not ready to say goodbye haha. Bye bye chubby cheeks!

The crowd in general are all dressed up. That was a long afternoon.

Next: Almost there Gardens



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