Sand, Salt, and Concrete

Head’s feeling good, bangs’ back on my forehead. We decided to go to Marina Bay Sands first, the nearest attraction any tourist needs to visit.
This hawker at Junction 8 Shopping Centre reminded me of Monumento station. Not the buzzing energy (you know what I’m talking about here, North friends) but the food! It’s as if I haven’t been away from Manila because the food is similar but there are more Chinese food selection here. If you are on a tight budget, you can live on $4 a day (yes, hey you know you can eat once a day) because they always serve you a set meal. For foreigners, they suggest the staple spice, chili. You’re not rude when you say no thanks. The drinks come after when you sit and start eating. They also get your tray when they see that you are no longer engaged on your meal. Or it no longer looks appetizing. I haven’t said any Chinese word yet because I only hand gestured the number I’m ordering. And because of that, I forgot the name of the meal 😐 I can recall tasty crispy chicken strips though. The soup has a minimal saltiness in it or the spring onions did it. To me, it’s fine 🙂


We’re leaving Junction 8 and heading to Marina Station. That lady impatiently controlling the stoplight won the weirded out face by the neuralyzer I clicked. Something similar to this place is the South Station or Farmer’s. Please don’t get the impression of homesickness here. I’m making expectation versus reality comparisons. Really.


Here we go where I think the crowd is thickest at, relative to the time. It’s a Saturday and the last work day of the week for some.

trains during Christmas season

I hope I wasn’t the only one who laughed at the Way Out. Seriously, it’s going to help you on a zombie attack. The train station sure gives you that view you need for taking urban photography. I wasn’t able to capture the silver drops and school of fish art clearly. Please excuse the stitching between my thumb and the rest of my hands on this view of what you would describe as sleek (the iPhone did it).

My SG friends know what’s gonna lie ahead of us. Note to self, bring a water container everywhere. This is the smallest 7-11 store I got in. Outside, it looks like it’s pinned at the corner.

I can breathe.

Thank God I have a friend here, or my time will be wasted on reading the map (my original itinerary plan is to stay 8 hours max in Singapore).
Salt in the air at the Bayfront station. Here’s their piece of Venice:

Noticing the many cute guys, I must have woken up.

Probably chilling when I go back or live here for a month. Similar vibes with Mall of Asia but lesser high-end shops. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands could be a plaza version.

We did not bother to ride a boat.

Definitely going back to play on that casino and Sands SkyPark peeking through.

Kids rushed to this elevated platform for a better view.

Talked about how this glass bulb or glass roof deals with rainfall the whole elevator ride.

if there ever was a successful ‘elevator talk’ in here

My SG friends still amazed even if they’ve been living here for more than a year.

also a service elevator apparently
incredible space, we’re almost there Merlion


It looks like we cannot just slide down in there. Haha. Now we’re off to lots of walking. If you frequent the place, you can bring your foldable bike and shades.

Next: Merlion!


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