The Sleepover Gaming

Just a little bit more till rest time. I may be saying things over and over, had no time to look at that infographic by SMRT. Could have used that early on; it’s applicable on anything you are planning to do.
Shortly, my friend popped out of nowhere and fetched me! Yay! In pajamas, she carried my bag and some exchange of comments about how I grew a belly and her still lean figure as usual. The junction looks already busy. I had to stay under the roof and cool my head. Junction reminded me of malls open at the middle like Alabang Town Center and Greenbelt. Cool that there’s a parking for bikes. The MRT station is also a bus stop. I am feeling the convenience of the tourist pass already.

seems like the bus and station correspond to their assigned color combo

From here, we walk. Brisk walking! Well, my friend’s in the middle of moving to another place that is why we are in hurry. Or just what I do everyday when I’m out of the house. Hurry not because I’m late or chasing time, I just want to get over the course as quickly as possible. Not busy, but isn’t it fun when you can squeeze in a lot of activities in a short time? I’m thinking, this could be the city for the young adult me.


Too bad, I can only write about my stay at my friend’s place. The building is a whole community. There is a school for small kids. Anyone can cook at the ground floor or conduct an exercise activity. You can jog anywhere. Just look out for the drainage systems though. I didn’t watch my step. Luckily, the floor is clean and I did not suffer from an ankle sprain (that memory as much as I want to share in photos was not caught on video :)).
Finally, a bed! Good thing the cushion has no cover in it by the time I got there (and sadly, to be handed over to the new owner). No problem because I did not take a bath as soon as I settled: met my friend’s housemates, pulled pranks on our friends back in Manila, and them checking my belongings. Really? One big and one small bag? Because they are in the middle of transferring their things, they left me to sleep so that I can recharge and go out later.
I woke up and my friend was so surprised that I only slept for an hour. Seems like I slept the important part of sleep.

Feeling all energized, I helped them on transferring their things. It was past lunchtime and these SG friends haven’t had a meal yet!

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