Draining My Life Battery

Sleepiness left me a bit as I passed by a series of massage parlors and spas. I’m feeling the heat and quickly calculated the hours wearing the same shirt and undies. Didn’t realize I went to Little India until I scanned the brochures I grabbed from the airport.

interested but already saved up for other interests

Taal has this reputation. Not to be confused with the lake perfect for garden weddings in Tagaytay. I crossed the street to get a personal look on that palace. Seems to be a worship place but nearby is a room of topless men with the same skirt? I think they’re performers and were to me, creepy. The smell is not of onions but it will surely hit your stuffy nose.

the row of houses is perfect for a painting subject

I eagle-eyed a bus stop and was desperate for air. These bikes locked on the heavy poles… at this rate, I’m regretting not renting a bicycle.

an Audi considerate of pedestrians even if their light is green

Might as well jog since I’m wearing spikes. Postmodern civilization requires stamina for walking :|The trash bin and the tactile paving on every crossing passed the ISO standards. If only Manila could shadow this.

a shadow taking a snap

The second auntie and uncle who were the first ones I used my neuralyzer on (my friend and I referenced the similarity of the camera’s mechanism to Men in Black’s device), were also my first maps! This auntie grabbed her smartphone and traced Bishan station. Looking at her, she walked a distance. I felt embarrassed for asking the nearest way to the bus stop. I asked an uncle before her the way to the MRT station. Now, he’s offering me a lift to Novena station!

auntie looked like she’s pointing on that poplar
first comfort on a foreign country and first truck ride

The good thing about cameras is that aside from reminding you of times, they tell you that you’ve been to a place you didn’t know. These photographers may have figured early in their lives living smart.
Popeye’s faded along with my favorite biscuit (it just disappeared on the mall near our house). How keen have I been on meeting my friend I haven’t seen in years,  I should have grabbed a bite. I’ll return to Singapore as I have promised myself.

OldTown’s dawning on me like Singapore’s Starbucks. Everywhere
definitely going back and pull some parkour moves

A warning, at some of my posts there will be photo flood from hereon.

It pays to be an early riser for a good view but not a good shot 🙂

Taking photos was an instinct, basic need over food and sleep. If you could help it, look up the food allowed by the airport security. I would not advice downloading the app as suggested (or any app, don’t rely on any app when travelling!) Because you will need to conserve power for taking photos 🙂 It pays to be knowledgeable about a destination you are going to, and do not rely heavily on scouring info along the way. It will help you to savor the moment 🙂

Next: Rest before the tours


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