Finding Myself a Pod in Singapore

After getting a tourist pass I embarked on finding the very first hostel I’m going to visit. I NEED A REAL SLEEP. The Little Red Dot is along the Lavender street. I decided to sit down on the marble bench not minding the two trains that have passed. I brought with me a photocopy of the rail system, the  bloodline of your directions when travelling in Singapore. The whole of Singapore.

breath for a second and let this structure and system eat you

I scanned the paper and spotted Lavender station! Those three are one of the few screenshots left from my first smartphone. ‘Have a lovely trip!’ coming from Tzuyu (트와이스) one of my Korean pop girl crushes! And Cheng Xiao (우주소녀) giving me an encouraging smile as I get closer to the hostel. I didn’t appreciate what Google cards can do until I was constantly notified about my flight and stay. Google Now helps you not to be late on your next event!

light rain to amplify the streetlamps

From the Hamilton road, I walked and found the number of the hostel. It was so scary I had to look left and right for signs of people. I rang the doorbell anyway and took that high and steep staircase. It wasn’t so bad!

It’s a chain of hostels.

I inspected the counter and found drinks, coffee, and instant noodles. I was surprised by the restroom. It was very clean and spotless 🙂

hello sleeping neighbors!

First fail: My booking is a day next! I asked the guy, an Indian, what time the woman’s going to wake up so I can adjust my reservation and get a sleep now. It was 7AM? I snatched some sleep on their lobby. Second fail: I did not get a proper picture of the place! They offer bike rentals and the lobby was perfect for wallhuggers like me.

this shot’s synchronized with my dizzy head

I was alert every time a gentleman goes out to grab breakfast. I was being stared at, thank God I look like a half- Chinese. I decided to get something to eat and walk around to check the neighborhood to see if I’m going to stay here till my flight back.

stitching, making a collage, and what is this

It’s a Saturday morning, clear of pedestrians and just cars. For the first time, I felt freedom and independence. I’m taking everything in from how safe and clean this place is and that I could fast track and live in a first world country. Taxes working for the citizens. From a deep pit, I heard a growl, ‘Gutom lang ‘yan.’ (You’re hungry.) Found a hawker, Auntie recommended me this Teochew Fishball Noodles with soup for 3.20SGD, also my first breakfast in another country. Uncle made me a tea (a dollar) which at first I doubt if he heard coffee. I was eating for an hour, this has to be my meal for the whole day.

PS: When I went back to the Manila, I noticed that the mini stores are promoting the Tiger beer. Now I know where I first saw the ad.


I updated my friends in Manila and finally got a reply from my friend residing in Singapore! We agreed to meet at the train station.

Next: Be a good a friend!


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