Backpacking Crusade : Start of Starts

Slept on three seats, amazed by Singapore’s night view, I’m thinking of a harbour tour and issues at the other side of my brain. When your head is splitting, take a walk. I thought there was a special line but this walkalator accelerates your walking distance and briefly takes with you, your hand carry luggage. Any citizen deserves this convenience 🙂

same rules apply, stand on the right, walk on the left

Gah. How do I even start this. It was as if this should happen to me. It was a trip with a friend initially but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I didn’t realize I was on my way to becoming a solo traveler! That’s right I have one big cotton bag and a small leather backpack. Let’s push through with this minimalism!

going back to my love for editing photos

I’m exhausted that I had to deal with the problems of how and when should I return to Manila. It was an itinerary for a multi-city MNL SIN BKK MNL that became a MNL SIN round trip. I was walking around Changi Airport Terminal 2 looking lost. Not totally – I remember most advice to spend the wee hours enjoying the view. Most stores are closed but it’s Christmas and we know that businesses extend hours.

many people sleeping around the Enchanted Garden

This is also my first trip out of the country and a perfect time to try my new cameras out! As a responsible adult, I went to look for the money changer first to replace all my Baht and Ringgit bills to the powerful currency.

no falling in line but what am I going to do without an address to go to

As I was preparing my first Asian itinerary, there was a foreshadowing as if what I ONLY need to bring with me are tips and advice when travelling in Singapore. Instead, I found myself writing a mini itinerary before heading out to daylight. Took a dump was on the list plus brush my teeth (my basic reset mind and body functions) and finding the cheapest flight back home.

Not a fan of drinking wine but wine cellars and stores stun me. There was no wooden aroma yet smoothly the visual is #DonJoseGoals.


I will need this 360 view to show you the wine library at the Changi Airport T2:

After looking around I went on to the terminals with free internet access. My carrier automatically connected me to its partner telecom, SingTel which costs a thousand peso a day (whew). It’s my first time and somehow a form of insurance for emergency purposes.

I browsed for the cheapest accommodation and Hostelworld popped up. A deposit of 4.60 SGD was needed. The last transaction of my BDO credit card 😐 (You know how banks ask you kind of forcefully where and when you lost it when your cancelling your credit card. I then recalled it was in the airport after receiving my statement of account). I also texted my friend living in Singapore so we can meet up. That was around 3AM. No response recalling Manila and Singapore is lying on the same timezone. I tried to take a shuteye while I charge my phone. We all lay on the floor.

By 4:30 the line at the immigration got thicker. Tough competition as immigration officers one by one opens up a new line. I was asked to go back to the line because I did not state the address where I am going to live. A tourist for a 5 days, I wrote the hostel’s address. I suffered so much from inconsiderate people like the guy with a Malaysian passport who used his built to cut me in the line and a few old ladies saying that I have to start falling in line again when the immigration officer told me there’s no need. Seriously, who are the first time traveler here?

PS: It looks like you can provide any address. Not sure if the officials do a random checking. My constant worry was to pay a hefty fine.

I grew lonelier with all these families surrounding me. Australians, Indians, Chinese Nationals. Literally me against the world.

Next: Finding myself a pod


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