Galaxy Bundle signed off

Here’s how I will be grieving for the loss of the Galaxy bundle I availed from a telecommunications company named Globe. By giving it a post-usage review.

Firstly, my dearest Galaxy Note 2 memories. I did not cry or felt empty when it was dying on my hands. I felt that it’s not going to revive and I do not have the power to do so. I called Globe customer service to see if I can score a free handset or a replacement as a reward for my loyalty. I’ve always been a Globe user.

I am experiencing boot loops but after not using for more than three hours, I can use it. Not sure if the memory becomes saturated with simple functions such as surfing the internet, taking a picture, and sending a message. The interval of the usage became tighter that it ended literally restart looping if not for detaching the battery.

I went to the repair shops around the Cyberzone. First repairman asked his teammate to replace its battery. It looks like she’s not aware of what battery fits the model, after placing a relatively small battery on the slot. I knew it was not the fat battery but the system itself. So it did! His diagnosis was on the hardware. Hard reset can’t do it due to the lines showing all red errors. On to the next repairman who was a bit tedious on giving me an initial quote. 1000 bucks for repair?! I bet it’s only a software he’d only run and a half would suffice. But he was sizing my appearance (invested early on corporate attire when I was still hunting for a job). Still, I gave in. I need this phone revived.

rusty ring I did not paid attention to when cleaning

I went around the store and looked at the new released smartphones. I wasn’t on the lookout until I knew this phone would soon die. After a quarterhour, the repairman drew a genuine emotion! He was sad he could not fix it. Reset did not do it so he re-programmed it. What changed was the boot screensaver which was initially set to the carrier’s logo. It returned to the device’s logo now. Yay! He told me that it will cost about 10K to replace the parts. It was 80% hardware fault. Last option would be to bring it to Samsung Service Center which will take three days to a week. A day will be consumed for observation only.

the silicon case detached due to frequent removing of the cover

It was beaten physically and internally, almost 12 hours a day. I always leave the Spotify running in loop when I turn the mobile data off (music is life). I watch YouTube videos every time I get to the part of the commute where the signal is strongest. I use it mostly to listen to music so that I’m attended to it and this would prevent me from the cellphone snatchers and bag slashers. I was so in love with the device because of the hand gestures and the LED notification. I even write on its blank screen using the stylus and my handprint to practice Hangeul. My Instagram and Google Games account was it’s birthdate. I moved on by availing a new handset with my existing plan.

expect some carrier stickers and lookieee, a fat cell!

This phone served me well but not my Galaxy Tab Lite… which was mostly on my sister’s hands. It first died and have planned to bring to repair if ever I get to the center. It’s out of the way so I ignored it for days. I even left a dent on it.

tab sleeve not worn properly because it’s bigger by a few centimeters

I do not a have a plastic screwdriver and was opening the sides with a nail cutter’s flat end. Imagine my impatience. Not sure if the small snappies made it tight. The cover was so attached as if there was a very thin layer of glue applied to it. I saw markings on the back of the back cover (??) Boy, it looks vandalized 😐 Unidentified control codes written with a pen instead of stickers.

Ask me what else what you think have I’ve done to deserve these.

Update Feb 4, 2017: I brought them to the Samsung Service Center and paid Php 250 for each. If reprogramming will not bring my Note to life back. I will need to pay 8 to 9 thousand. I believe in second chances, I hope to hear from them soon 3 weeks from now.


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