Flying out of shape

Back in 2015, I availed a lot of fitness-related vouchers. I was not able to use my yoga passes for a month due to my grand work schedule. This one I used because it’s going to expire and that it’s the only free time my sister have. And I have to take a ‘short’ dinner break which cost me a reprimand from my new boss. Even asked me if I am ‘like this’ on my previous company. It was alright with me since this is a sisterly bonding. We grabbed the last minute schedule which was a Friday afternoon.

Flying Trapeze was fairly new and a few local celebrities were featured on their Facebook page to promote the sport.

I am not a celebrity and I am not going to endorse it. The experience was 60:40 for me. The blame part is all on my side so to say inversely, Don’t hate the game, hate the player. Not going to apologize for not being your flying hero. I did my part of not uploading my awful flying XD. I was so heavy that the gravitational pull was there in full support.

You will sign a waiver that whatever happens to your bones, you are responsible for breaking it. Just no medical help from them. The guys are giving me a Boracay feel, I was kind of intimidated with their lean bodies and salty bronze hair. I was regretting it already even before the lessons/instructions. I’m thinking how do I hide this front pouch while I change my clothes on a boxtruck nearby.

We’re flying with a batch and there are about three rounds? I can no longer recall but it is an unlimited flying and I did not continue because I was exhausted and embarrassed with my shape. Up there, he will still be reminding you of inserting your legs by lifting them together until you hook it and rest your thighs on the handle bar. Then you let go of your hands together making a 7. The 40% feeling gave me a clear mind. There was a brief moment of just hearing your heavy breathing and blood flowing in my head. The air was cold and flying gave me a good trajectory because well, I was heavy, I felt the swing and it was definite. Now I understand how the circus people’s bodies’ fats are stripped off.  I’m going to go back to trapeze with a green view and a camera on my chest harness.


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