Let’s get this straight

I’ve been so obsessed with my shape since I discovered how looks are a big deal to South Koreans. Not that it is negative but 한류 completely changed my perspective on wellness. Not just eating healthy but looking healthy too. Look at that tummy bulging to take a hint on how this story is going…

I wasn’t measuring my height here. Really.

I’m not being hard on myself by aiming to get a thin body. My body structure is wide and my legs and thighs fill my pants that when I take my denims off (because those are the kind that came closest to my bones), the linings and pockets are hardly pressed on my skin! So to lessen the struggle of slimming my legs, I decided to let it be and focus on every corporate worker’s struggle.

Almost everybody is carrying a food baby! It just so happen that the district is filled with generous servings from jollijeeps (looks like a jeep and sells cheap food, not going to elaborate on how it is a part of streetfood) to upscale restaurants. Filipinos are sooo foodcentric. You just can’t eat less because it’s the culture. Even mini celebrations means cooking or eating out. There was even a time when a series of resignations in the office gave you, the free dinner! Add birthdays, successful project phase release, brownbag sessions. Or even your office buddy’s craving 🙂

I like my profile here! Somehow I look taller. 5’6″ when walking. Then add a few centimeters for my height when standing upright.

Okay self. Why are you complaining? You no longer look fat on the pictures! Well. That was pre- holidaze. I need to flatten or at least give an impression of a straight shape. When people see me for the first time, I don’t want to be described physically as pear-shaped. Or this person with a ‘cute’ tummy.

Time for dos and don’ts. Don’t pick them all up weight loss buddies!

1 What part of proper eating is not for the shape I’m aiming is to drink a glass of water after a meal. RIGHT AFTER A MEAL. Drink enough to cleanse my taste buds.

1.5 Because this item is still liquid intake. It’s to not fill my tea bottle with water but only a few so that I will need to go back and fill it with hot water.

2 Walking fast, faces pass and I’m home-bound.

3 Climbing the stairs using the leg power and not the feet. I’m sure you’ll know the difference. By leg, you will lift your leg instead of stepping forward. Your feet will land and there will be less pressure on the chest area of the foot. Unless you’re aiming for healing through reflexology.

4 Eating too fast! Consume at least thirty minutes on every meal.

5 No to hip exercise! I’m not aiming for a gym body or a sexy S-line or when you look at me you say ‘curvaceous bodeh’ or ‘birthing hips’. The horror, NO. I actually want to strengthen my core. It will be the ever reliable sit-ups and stretching.

6 Wasn’t aiming to have a thigh gap but will need to reduce on that area because it’s giving me a hard time pulling up my pants. A minute for a scissor leg raise and these.

7 Planks 🙂

Good luck to me. Remember that creating a habit is changing your lifestyle. To all of us committing ourselves to improving our well-being, cheers!


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