Muscle Relaxation

What proliferated on my 2016 weekends was…massage! (before I went travelling every week starting November). Not in order and on to describe each experience as best as I can.

I felt that the therapist was so motivated in giving me a Shiatsu. She liked my chubbiness. I was not after the massage in The Amare Spa but the chocolate scrub. It will last for almost three hours and my friends I went there two hours left before their closing. The room is as expected of mid- range hotels. Clean and the temperature is not so cold. The night view is the other hotels nearby 🙂

What I’d be going back to is Fab Spa and Skin Care Center! The receiving area is very small, the massage rooms are just right. We were given boxer shorts. If you are crazy hygienic, bring your own!  A small and thin lady was my therapist. The pressure was really hard! I asked for it. I just feel that I am not getting the value for money if I only asked for the relaxing intensity. Her elbows and knees landed my back (yeah I am a wide person) which was the highlight of all the pressure. She kind of massaged the upper part of my breasts. I was the only person not complaining about that sudden touch after massaging the neck. Since the neck is the last part they release muscle tension.

Before the next massage story, I’d be telling you people what not to do before and after the massage in case you have a plan of squeezing in all your fun activities within the day. Or you and your group decided on a last minute ‘Let’s get a massage! Because 250 bucks for an hour!?!’ BEFORE You are allowed to eat a lot! Buffet level 🙂  I’d be nicer if you just took a bath. AFTER You are allowed to eat a lot! No cold beverages and desserts 😦 And if you are too hurt from the massage…

I haven’t passed out yet in my whole life but looks like I was close to it. Fern’s Nail Art and Spa offers Ventosa. Your spa is not trendy if you don’t have this on your menu. After some chika (Pinoy slang for fast and juicy conversation) with the manager, I decided to take the running Ventosa. It will be a very very long time before I plunge into it again. I was not regularly going out for a massage so this is a big mistake. It was so painful I had to lift myself from the bed, almost doing a plank to lessen it. I even failed my strength test which is to count the rounds of that shot glass on my back! I was not allowed to take a bath for three days. After a day, contusions appeared on the upper left and hip area (the part before the buttocks) of my back. I think this is the only type of massage where you can ask for the intensity level. I wonder if my mommy enjoyed her massage when she hears my thin screaming.

I went for a full body massage before also at Fern’s Nail Art and Spa. They had this long running promo of free ear candling wax. I’m just happy lying at the bed for two hours and a half. I need to save you from grossing out, just read after the second SKIP I can hear my ear, the crusting of the paper was very noisy like crackers. SKIP It was value for money! One hour inside feels longer that at some part especially when my back is applied with pressure, it was blank (not boring but a steady rhythm) that the therapist and I start to talk about their family and love, how I’m happy to hear them working hard for their kids. I even had a serious laugh when we we’re talking about their husbands and exes. Kind of a relief but I don’t initiate that kind of conversation…

What some therapist would not do because their spa is not for relaxation but more of a hospital extension. Seems like a recovery facility before you become fully strong again. I remember forming fists face down on the stretching phase after the massage which lasts for half an hour. Not too pricey in Karada for the tracker and the recommended session they give you. She said that she was releasing the toxins brought by my frequent soda or iced drink intake. It was painful on my thighs when she is just applying normal pressure. I’d be looking forward to the stretching on the next visit! I think I achieved a perfect C there.

My sister did not voluntarily influenced me on making an effort to go to a massage parlor regularly. As we we’re talking, on my part I said that massaging can recuperate lack of sleep. I told her my everyday conditions. My workstation is under the inset AC unit. I had to bring a winter jacket so that I could touch the keyboard. My long walks burn calories all over but the pressure accumulates on my thighs and the soles of my feet. Her full massage is the worst! No mercy on those muscle knots! I began to numb on my right arm before because there was a big portion of knot on that spot she is trying to crush with her knuckles. She did not ask what kind of intensity I would like to have 😛 Sweet. When I feel ticklish, she would place a harder pressure and I’d be ROFL. Later on she taught how to spot the knots on my reach. That would be my thighs, hands and the upper part of my back.

To prevent yourself from spending hours on crushing your own muscle knot, apply a hot compress on the areas first. As recommended by an internal medicine (who was my second opinion, and for the sake of making the most out of my health card. Glad I did!). She said that myofascial pain syndrome triggered from my efforts of carrying a laptop on my backpack everyday. Just remember to press points near your neck and release after a minute. After the pokes, stretch yourself by forming a crescent moon. Look at the sky or your bedroom’s ceiling then release. If you really need to bring your laptop anywhere, mostly hug it 🙂


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