Incremental Success with Diet and Exercise

That was me walking around IMM. First of all, I’m busting the myth that your breasts will grow along with your body weight. Busted. Not sure if weight or mass. Point is, the chubby me did not serve me right in that part. As for my face, my double chin remains humble 🙂 That’s me when people noticed I got thinner.

Previous months: My BFF though told me that I got thin and looked tired or did she say unhealthy. But after a week, she said I looked thinner and blooming. I was really after going thin. Happy with the news, I got thinner! My original goal was to be stick thin for a dance group. It did not push through because the group wasn’t ready what with new and old members perfect attendance. I did not go back to the old habit because I was already thrown into a new lifestyle where my CR trips got longer and walking is fairly the same when I was still working in Makati.

What I changed in my diet was nothing for solid food intake. It’s the same. I eat my regular packed lunch. A snack which is usually sandwich or any pastry in the afternoon. No worries about sugar or salt intake. As advised, people must eat three times a day. But after an exhausting commute going home, I actually avoid myself from eating. So it went down to two meals a day. Instead, I was doing pulldowns and ab swing! Exercise when you’re hungry and that will double the calorie burner! I was so obsessed with exercise then because I felt I got stronger and firm. My all- time worry was, I need time for exercise!
Now for the liquid intake, I started drinking hot or warm Green tea. I was only drinking tea for about two months consistently. I felt like my throat is irritated but I did not get sick. That continued until all the bags are used. I cannot recall when exactly but it was prolonged because I was not throwing those if they can still color my hot water.

Tight deadlines in work and holidays came, my walks were minimized and eating were rushed. I was back to 3 meals a day. Whatta fast way to pump your tummy! Gosh I can feel my tummy. Therefore my new year’s resolution 🙂


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